We’ve been on the Discord for the whole night almost.
Just before 3 AM, peeps were starting A countdown to the start of Ludum Dare 55.
A poll is being held, and people share some ideas for the most popular themes.
Even though everybody thinks it will be some lame ass theme again because that’s the rule.

But, it wasn’t a lame-ass theme.
3AM came and the theme was made public: “Summoning”

Immediately people began to brainstorm, cheer and of course, whine about the theme.
Just as it should be with LD’s.
The countdowns on the LD jam website changed from countdown to the theme release to time left for the Compo and the Jam.

And yes, that’s right. Compo is done in 11 minutes and 6 seconds… euh ! Sure !

So we went brainstorming.
And we got a nice idea of what to do for this event / theme.
I think this will be a fun one; hopefully it works out what were planning to do.
It will most likely again be way too much for what we want to do.
But we’ll see.

The info that we know for now is that it will be like our Green Thumb Chronicles.
We are still busy brainstorming for the gameplay.
But it will be a bit witchy again!
And in 3D, made in Godot

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Magus77nl · April 13, 2024 at 04:11

let’s go summon a game ! POOF! done!

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