Signing of for the day.

In the early evening the gamecycle was technicly completed. Day one in game could be completed with using the game elements. Hammer time was far from over tho. The data for day 2, 3 and 4 still had to be entered and synced with all placement templates, and graphics made for the blackboard. The summoning circles had to be adjusted to the designs Falien had made, as well as all placements for props.

And yet still not all props were even completed yet, so before I could make the cut-outs for the blackboard graphics, I still had to design the blender files first, import them and create rigidbody3D objects out of them so the player can interact with them.

In the end a “north” pointer was added, so the alignment of the circle would be clear. This would be shown on the ground (toggle-able, so we could make it a difficulty setting if we wanted) and a compass was made and added to the game.

A playtest was uploaded. Tomorrow it’s a day for ironing out some bugs (some colliders are yet still too narrow so objects fall trough the floor when placed, this is so weird in godot. Physics aren’t the best) and we need sound effects, voice acting for the spells and visual effects for a lot of stuff. Also a start , pause and end menu must be created.

After that we can pretty-fy the map and build the map layout falien drew. The map is build from modular elements i made so that should be an easy thing to do.

It’s now 4am, pictures will be added later 😉

Magus out!


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