Last day Stretch

Today there was still a lot to do.
All sounds had to be made or found and implemented into the game, finding out how the Godot sound system works on the fly.
Also some missing blackboard images needed to be made and a scoring system implemented.

Going along the way a few bugs were found in play tests, and those were solved.
Also the model for the dead flower was remodeled as it kept falling trough all colliders.
The floor collider was thickened to prevent that from happening with other props too.

A few lights were put in place as well as some signs to lead the players.
There is no time to make some kind of tutorial so this is a true puzzle game.
You’ll have to figure out what to do.

In the afternoon Magus needed a break from coding.
So some R&R, GTA and multiplayer games (insurgency) with friends were in place.

After that it was already late night.
Still all voice acting had to be done and the sparkles, smoke and unicorn farts had to be implemented. With just 30 minutes to go, this was completed.

Altho there was a great plan for making the environment great, ideas for a really good map layout made by Falien, and some design elements Magus had in mind to make it look awesome, there was no time to put that in place.
A shame, because finding the correct props scattered around the map was one of the things for this game.

But maybe, just maybe, we will develop the idea behind this game a little bit further.
It might become a successor for another game we are currently working on.
The lessons learned in this jam are worthwhile.
They will surely help with the development of the first commercial game in Godot that we plan to release.

It was a blast, thanks for watching and see you next time. Back to the studio!


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