Mechanics time.

This afternoon, it was hammer time to get all the game mechanics working, at least to be able to cycle the first day.
Then it’s just a matter of adding all the templates for day 2, 3 and 4 to get the complete game loop working.

And thus Magus set out to create a spell interface, modeling a lectern and spell book.
Creating a GUI interface for selecting spells, creating functions in the game manager for feeding the correct spell to a random spot in the GUI, and filling the other spots with random wrong spells.
Taking care not to select two of the same.
Because that would give away the true correct spell.

After that, time was spent making a validation procedure for checking if all requirements for a correct summoning were met.
The correct runes are thrown onto the circle, props are placed in the correct spots, and the correct spell is used.

Then two functions were created, one for a correct summoning and one for a failed one.

Then the sprites for day one in the game are mocked up, so it would at least give the correct information to successfully summon the first day’s assignment.

During playtests, some bugs were squashed.
Object throwing was improved, props falling out of the map were “solved” by making a lost-and-found crate, and a lot more little bugs were solved.


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