YES!! We are on SimpelSpul. DataDelft Game Studio checking in!! Hi all! <3

What is DataDelft?

DataDelft is an Indie Game Development Studio. In 2019 we started development on 3 larger game projects, including a first person shooter, a 2d farming simulator and a large scale sailing exploring and base building game. We partnered with steam as our main distribution platform, to bring our games easy and effortlessly to our customers. While these projects are ongoing, we also worked on our first commercial game release:
“Build ‘m up, Shoot ‘m Down!”

Skeletons are attacking, they sabotaged your canon. The parts are scattered trough out the world. You’ll have to find them to be able to Build it up, and Shoot ‘m all!!

This is a challenging game, maybe even hard to complete. The game has some speed running potential, so you are invited to try and complete it as fast as possible.

Gamers making games for gamers

DataDelft consists of gamers that are developing and publishing games for gamers. We are actively supporting our games and work together with the community to increase the quality and fun-factor of our releases.


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