We got a theme ! Yay … I think ?!

There were 16 themes we were able to vote on, offcourse we voted on the themes to.
This time 2 of our suggested themes were in the selection, Shelter and Sanctuary.
Pretty good out of 6k themes, but sadly they didn’t make it again.

The other themes that were a possibility were:
– Shelter
– Break the Cycle
– Underground
– Strange Machines
– Paths
– Signal
– Folklore
– Sanctuary
– Salvage
– Reflect
– Locks and Keys
– Keept he light on
– Tiny Creatures
– Absorb

We thought of an idea, and Magus is starting on it for a bit.
This is an theme we really didn’t hope for, cause we didn’t had any really good idea’s for it.
The idea’s we came up with were
– WW2 hidding from capturers ( didn’t think it was a theme for LD )
– Spelaeology ( couldn’t really thought of a good gameplay for this )
– Unpacked, but then box things up !
This is the one we are going with.. let’s hope it works out


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