And the Jam is on !

Today, Magus started with building the basics for the game.
He is working out the bigger lines that we brainstormed about early in the morning.

With blender, he mocked up some modular walls and floors, and a little cottage was made.

Then some lights were made and modelled in blender.
Cause what’s a little cottage without some lightning?

After that, it was time to start on the main game loop code.
A first-person character controller, A way to skip to the next day, A central game manager to keep track of the player’s progress, and an extendible quest / assignment system were made.
The assignments will be displayed on a blackboard, while day skipping will be done the classic way by activating the exit door.

We also brainstormed about how we would get in a lot of humorous elements.
Props, quests/assignments, sound effects and voice acting will be what we’re hopefully going to use for that!
Sparkles and rainbow unicorn farts are assured!


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